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The Mediation Center Advantage

• Multiple professional mediators in one location with experience mediating hundreds of couples

• Expertise in divorce, separation, family, marital and domestic partnership mediation.

• Offering you a choice of  mediators.

• Trained to help you create flexible and creative solutions.

• Sound and durable agreements that support future cooperation.

• Private and comfortable offices.

• Offering a voluntary and confidential process.

• A network of referral resources for financial, counseling and legal assistance.

• Less stress and less cost in working through your divorce/separation.

• Conveniently located off the 590 expressway

Why Use Mediation?

At The Mediation Center, we are a group of conflict resolution professionals offering specialized services to resolve all types of disputes or potential disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a trained mediator works with parties in conflict to facilitate discussion of disputes in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. The mediator is a neutral third party who helps the parties make practical, informed and mutually acceptable decisions while resolving their differences.

Compared to litigation, mediation is more cost effective, faster, less adversarial and more likely to result in an agreement that lasts.

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